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We have a 20 minute online presentation that takes you through an overview of the details of a Discovery Club Membership. So contact us through the online registration, give us a call, or drop by our office in Victoria, BC. We would be pleased to set up a time either in person or on the telephone to take you through it.

We realize that you want to take care in your research toward a membership in The Discovery Club and that takes some time. In order to guarantee today’s membership price, we are pleased to hold a membership for you at the current price with a fully refundable $1000 deposit. Then you can take the time you need to review all Club details, including The Security Indenture, before making a final decision. We are confident that, when thoroughly reviewed, you will come to the conclusion that The Discovery Club will be one of the best lifestyle purchase decision you will ever make.

Value, fantastic vacations and satisfaction guaranteed!