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How It Works

Membership in the Discovery Club is like being a property owner at many of the world’s top destinations and resorts, a member at beautiful golf courses, an adventurer on an African Safari or a luxurious river cruise in China… all wrapped into one package. Rather than having to own all those things, and keep paying the ongoing operating costs every year in order to enjoy them – you just get to enjoy them. We’ve found a way to remove all of the hassles of ownership, and give you permission to access them without the stress.

Unlike Timeshares or Fractional Ownership real estate, a membership in the Discovery Club comes with no strings attached. You can visit any of our Affiliate Properties any time you want, with as little as 48 hours notice. There is no need to “trade” your time for someone else’s time, you are never restricted to certain seasons, you aren’t stuck in specific kinds of accommodations or have your selections limited to only specific geographic locations. You just get to go where you want, when you want, and stay in whatever kind of accommodation you want.

Our Affiliates comprise a multitude of 5-star destination hotels, resorts and adventure travel experiences throughout the world, and as a member you can enjoy them every year for the rest of your life, and beyond. The membership becomes part of your estate, so that future generations can benefit from your wisdom and foresight.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Call us to get all the details, and then you can decide for yourself.

In addition, we have current members very willing to speak with you regarding their experiences as a member of the Discovery Club.

Come find out what you’ve been missing.